Best Pond Netting and Covers 2023 (Reviews & Top Choices)

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Best Pond Netting and Covers for Fish Ponds 2023 (updated)

Pond netting and pond covers are both popular methods of keeping your garden pond free of debris, leaves, and predators. Most types of netting are fairly cheap and easy to setup, so there is no reason not to consider one for your pond. In this article we’ll quickly cover the benefits of different types of pond netting, as well as recommend our top pond netting picks.

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The Benefits of Quality Pond Netting (Leaves & Fish Protection)

benefits of pond netting in fish ponds
Pond netting helps trap debris and also deters predators, such as herons.

If your fish pond is close to surrounding foliage, such as trees or bushes, or if you have predatory birds or cats in the area, then installing a pond net is highly recommended.

Fallen leaves are often considered just a visual problem, but not removing them before they have a chance to sink can cause all sorts of issues. As leaves and other organic matter sink to the bottom of your pond, they begin to decompose and contribute to sludge. During the decomposition process bacteria break down the waste and compounds are released into the pond that can harm fish and promote the overgrowth of algae.

Often pond owners attribute their fish dying over winter to the cold, but it’s more commonly caused by buildup of sludge (waste) which has been left to decompose and build to dangerous levels. During this process, oxygen levels in the pond drop, and harmful ammonia and nitrite levels rise, which places a huge amount of stress on pond fish.

As well as the problem with sunken leaves, flying predators (herons) and even ground predators (cats) can also pose a threat. Both types of predators can quickly kill an entire stock of pond fish if left unprotected, so a good quality pond net is always a good idea if you have koi or goldfish. Combining pond netting with other deterrents will offer the best protection from predators and pests!

What is the Best Pond Netting Material?

Depending on the problem you’re trying to solve, different types of pond netting may be more suitable. For example, if you’re mainly concerned about predators, and don’t have many fallen leaves, pond netting with larger holes would be sufficient. If, however, you’re trying to stop leaf build up in your pond, you would need to purchase pond netting with much smaller holes.

Generally speaking, purchasing pond netting with small/medium (3/8 – 1/2 inch) size mesh holes will provide protection from both leaves and predators effectively. This is the best size to combat both debris and predators, and is the most common with most pond netting manufacturers.

Comparison of Different Pond Netting Products

When it comes to pond netting, you would think it would be a simple choice – not quite! There are many different types of pond netting available, with each one being better suited towards a specific purpose. In general, pond netting with finer mesh material will be better for reducing pond sludge build up and allow for clearer water by stopping fallen leaves entering your pond water. Pond netting with larger holes, but made of stronger material, would be better suited to keeping larger predators away, such as herons and cats.

1) Supported Pond Netting

best fish pond netting
Laguna support netting with stakes.

Supported pond netting is usually constructed from high quality nylon, polyethylene, or plastic and held in place with stakes or pegs. The pond netting is weaved together using various methods, which create different mesh designs and structures. The netting can come in a range of sizes, so you can purchase both small and large diameters to meet your needs. This pond netting is tough, durable, and has a long life to withstand most seasons. The holes are usually square or diamond shaped, and should be sufficient for catching fallen leaves and deterring predators.


  • Waterproof
  • Easily catch fallen leaves and debris
  • Resistant to rot
  • Easy to see through to pond
  • Usually very durable
  • UV resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to install (usually with stakes)

Best for:

  • Keeping fish safe from both flying and ground based predators
  • Catching fallen leaves, allowing less pond cleaning and sludge build up

2) Floating Pond Netting

floating fish pond netting
Gardeneer Floating Pond Netting,

Floating pond netting is commonly made from light, high quality nylon or polyethylene which has been UV stabilized for longer life. Its knotted structure provides very high strength and reliability. The holes of this netting can sometimes be larger than supported netting, but can still can catch most fallen leaves and debris. Since it is a floating style netting, no large stakes are required to hold in place, making installation incredibly quick and easy. It still needs to be secured across the edges, but you can use small pins or garden rocks for a more natural look.


  • Waterproof
  • Easily catch fallen leaves and debris
  • Resistant to rot
  • Almost invisible on the water
  • Very soft and safe for pond plants
  • Can use natural rocks to secure

Best for:

  • Catching fallen leaves, allowing less pond cleaning and sludge build up
  • For ponds where you want to retain a more natural look

3) Shade Cloth Pond Netting

shade cloth pond netting
Shade cloth netting will protect from debris and sunlight.

A final type of pond netting which is less common but has a very important function is shape cloth pond netting. This type of netting is usually made from high quality polypropylene, and is finely woven so it blocks up to 70%+ of sunlight from reaching your pond. This netting is installed the same as regular pond netting using stakes, and can be used to catch leaves and deter predators as well as protecting from UV light.


  • Waterproof
  • Blocks up to 70%+ of sunlight
  • Allows for good ventilation
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Easily catch fallen leaves
  • Easy to install (usually with stakes)

Best for:

  • Shade pond fish from sunlight and prevent overheating in warmer months of the year
  • Catching fallen leaves, allowing less pond cleaning and sludge build up

How much pond netting do I need?

You can easily work out how much pond netting you will need by calculating your pond’s dimensions. You would simply need a rough estimate of your pond’s width and length + a little extra for securing the netting.

Pond Netting Amount
Pond Width + Pond Length + 3 foot (1 meter) extra

Since pond netting can be easily damaged, especially by persistent predators, it’s always good to have some as backup just in case. Purchasing more than you need will make sure you have extra if your netting needs maintenance. If there is significantly bad weather and damage, it is sometimes easier to just replace the entire pond netting. This is because a weakness in one area can quickly grow and weaken the entire system. Having a backup pond net of the same size is a good idea in case the first is damaged beyond a small amount of maintenance.

Best Pond Netting for Leaves, Predators & Koi Ponds –  Reviews 2023

Due to the different brands available between the US and UK markets, we’ve researched and divided our categories to provide both American and UK pond owners a review on the best pond netting available. We have listed below our best pond net cover picks available to both the US and UK market.

Secure your pond netting!

If you’re purchasing pond netting, make sure you secure the netting in place with the provided support stakes/pegs. Firmer ground is better than soft soil, and it’s better to bury the stakes deep than shallow. Even if you’re using floating netting, it still needs some securing around the corners – using garden rocks is a popular choice for a natural look.

US - Best Pond Netting US - Best Pond Netting

do I need a pond net1)Laguna Pond Netting with Placement Stakes

One of our favorite all-purpose supported pond netting at a great price point! Laguna’s pond netting solution is incredibly easy to install, very durable, and the perfect size for both fallen leaves and predators. The netting is made from a very stretchy nylon material, making it easy to secure and spread over your pond surface. The material is strong enough to hold debris and deter even larger predators from entering your pond. The mesh holes are of a small-medium size (around 1/2 inch), so should stop most fallen leaves from dropping into your pond water. The netting material is also black in color which masks the appearance against the pond water.

The package comes included with 6 placement stakes which are fairly sturdy and easy to use, but are slightly fragile and can break easily, so care needs to be taken when installing. Overall, a cost effective and simple netting solution that would be ideal for small to medium sized ponds with debris problems or predators.

pond netting keeps herons out2) Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Netting

A great alternative to Laguna’s netting with more sizing options for smaller or larger ponds is Atlantic Water Gardens’ netting. Similar to other products here, this netting features 1/2″ mesh holes constructed from environmentally safe polypropylene, which also provides a high level of UV resistance. The mesh holes are a standard size for netting and would be suitable for both small and large debris, including leaves, feathers, and twigs.

The netting needs to be supported with stakes and spread across the pond, with 12 small stakes being provided in each pack for convenience. The netting is easy to install, and the stakes are durable enough to keep the net in place even during bad weather conditions.  It’s not as strong as Dewitt’s offering (below), but should be more than suitable for all but the most heavy duty use. Highly recommended for smaller ponds with medium to heavy debris build-up or predator problems!

how to keep predators out of ponds 3) Gardeneer By Dalen Floating Pond Net

Gardeneer’s floating pond net cover is a great choice if you would prefer a floating net for your garden pond. The netting is ideal for smaller ponds, but can be secured onto larger ponds with a little work. Being made from polyethylene, this floating pond net is very light and sits neatly across the pond’s surface water. It’s also fairly flexible, and easy to secure in place either with pins or garden rocks. The mesh holes are around 3/8 inch in size, so smaller than Laguna’s netting. The small size means even more leaves and debris will be caught so less pond maintenance will be required in the future. The netting is also black in colour, and since this is a floating netting, it is almost invisible against the pond’s water.

A downside to this netting is that it can weaken slowly in intense sun, so if you have very hot summers you would need to monitor for any damage.

pond netting to deter predators4) DeWitt Deluxe Heavy Duty Pond Netting

A more heavy duty pond netting by Dewitt, which offers increased strength due to it’s knitted 1/4″ mesh design. While most netting is usually constructed with 3/4″ and 3/8″ mesh, Dewitt’s much smaller holes means it can be bound much tighter together, increasing its overall durability. The finer mesh design also helps with much smaller debris collection, being able to catch both very small and very large objects falling into the pond.

Although more expensive than other pond netting here, it offers some of the best durability in commercial netting and would be ideal for ponds with heavy debris problems. It would also be the best choice for preventing predators and pests entering the pond, such as herons and ducks, as the netting is very tough to break.

It’s also UV resistant to extend it’s lifespan, as well as being environmentally safe due to it’s polypropylene construction. The netting is a standard non-floating variety, however, so would need to be supported with stakes or secured using a frame. Although it may be overkill for some, this is the best choice for maximum debris and predator prevention in fish ponds. We’d say it’s probably the best pond netting for koi in particular, as it provides the highest protection for your prized carp against predation.

UK - Best Pond Netting UK - Best Pond Netting

1) how to protect fish with nettingBlagdon Clearview Fish Pond Netting

One of our top UK pond netting choices due to flexible sizing options and durable netting design! Blagdon’s Clearview netting has been constructed to be almost invisible against the pond water, and would be a good choice if you want a minimally invasive netting over your water garden. The material used is polypropylene, which is environmentally safe and would be suitable for both fish ponds and wildlife ponds.

The netting is ideal for catching a range of debris, with the mesh holes measuring around 2cm in size from end to end. Although a finer netting would be more suitable for smaller debris, this netting should be more than enough for most leaves, twigs, and feathers from birds like ducks.

The netting includes a set of plastic stake hooks for securing the cover around the pond, and although installation is very easy, you need to make sure you purchase the correct size as the number of stakes is limited. We’d recommend this netting for both small and large ponds, but if you suffer with very small debris (under 2cm), you may benefit from a finer mesh netting, such as Hozelock’s or Gardeener’s netting. For all other ponds, this is a great netting for debris collection and to help protect against nuisance predators!

2) best pond net productsHozelock Pond Cover Net with Support Pegs

Very similar to Laguna’s netting solution, Hozelock Pond Net covers are ideal for both fallen leaves and deterring predators from garden ponds. This netting is made from a very strong material, with approx 1/2 inch mesh holes, which should be small enough to catch most debris. The netting has a much finer mesh design in comparison to Blagdon’s netting, so would be more ideal for ponds which suffer with smaller debris which may be slipping through regular netting.

The pond netting is black in colour which means it is more discreet against the pond’s water, and comes with 8 plastic pegs to secure in the ground. Hozelock provides different sized netting solutions for a range of ponds, however, the material of the netting is not very stretchy so you would need to make sure the size is correct when ordering.

A 1 year warranty is also provided in case of damage, which is always welcome for peace of mind. Overall, a decent all-around pond netting at a very affordable price which is great against a wide range of debris and predators.

3) floating fish pond netPondXpert Pond Protector Floating Fish Pond Net

An interesting floating pond netting by PondXpert. The Pond Protector floating netting interlocks together to form a surface barrier against garden predators, such as herons, seagulls, and cats. The individual rings are made from a sturdy metal, which are connected together with small ties. The netting is designed to not need securing, and to float around the outside of your pond where predators are more likely to appear. The holes in the mesh are quite large, however, so will not be as great as regular netting when it comes to catching leaves and debris.

Since the metal is black, and no stakes or pegs are needed, this type of netting is a great solution for pond owners who want something more discreet. The small ties to secure the rings together are a bit fiddly to work with, and a simpler interlocking system would have been nice. With that said, this is still a great discreet solution for deterring predators from your pond, but not as great for fallen leaves and debris.

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