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From Hobby Ponds to Lakes

We’re a community of pond hobbyists, fish keepers, ecologists, and wildlife writers with a passion for all things ponds, wetlands, and everything freshwater – from the smallest hobby pond to the largest of lakes. Our primary goal is to share our knowledge of these incredibly unique and important ecosystems with the world.

We have grown from a website offering small-scale pond advice to a much larger educational resource, providing information on a huge range of ecological topics related to freshwater. Our readers now span nearly every continent!

Whether you have a garden pond, a koi pond, a wildlife pond, a natural pond or wetland on your property, would like to construct a pond or wetland, want to learn more about aquatic and semi-aquatic plant species or wildlife (like fish) that are dependent on these habitats, or just about anything related to these topics, we’ve got you covered.

Pond Informer began as a small project with the goal of providing better information for pond hobbyists and fish keepers.
Photos: Founder & Pond Hobbyist, Chris G.’s personal pond and koi.

Writing Through Experience

As part of our mission to help spread awareness of the importance of freshwater ecosystems and good pond and fish husbandry, our team utilizes our own hobby, field and research experience, as well as seeking out reputable sources of information such as peer-reviewed research articles and data, university and government databases, and nationally recognized field guides and textbooks.

Links will be included throughout our content for further reading and education to only the highest quality sources.

In articles focused on particular species of plants, fish, or other animals, we make sure to include verifiable, up-to-date information on their native ranges and highly encourage obtaining only plant and animals species for your garden pond or lake that are native to your particular area.

Our team is passionate, driven and diverse, with a wide spectrum of experience; from backyard pond consulting, fish husbandry, ecological surveying, and certified state naturalists.

The Pond Informer team utilizes their hands-on experiences with ponds, fish, plants and ecology to create fact-based and research backed content.
Photo: Plant Lover & Aquaculture Biologist, Angeline L. reviewing local plant and animal species.

Why Ponds Are Our Focus

So, why ponds? This all began as a website born from a love for backyard ponds and koi, but has grown into so much more.

Worldwide, aquatic ecosystems are under immense pressure – approximately 87% of all wetlands, such as bogs and fens, have been lost (with an exacerbated loss of 98% in the United States) to things like cropland, pollution, and expanding towns and cities.

Similarly, more than 50% of natural pond and lake habitats have been lost around the world. Of those, 50% have been lost in the last 40 years alone!

This means that your seemingly simple garden or hobby pond, no matter how large or small, whether they have pet koi and goldfish or bass and crappie, can play an absolutely critical role in the survival of countless species and provide benefits that extend far beyond your backyard.

The importance of ponds can’t be overstated. Even a small backyard goldfish or wildlife pond can have massive ecological benefits.
Photo: Conservationist and ecologist, Rebecca H., working in the field monitoring turtle populations.

Making the Best of Backyards

Aquatic plants play several crucial roles in natural, wildlife, and ornamental ponds. Fully submerged species create vertical structure and can serve as abundant forms of food and shelter for many fish and macroinvertebrates. Marginal and edge plants create a buffer zone between ponds and the surrounding environment while protecting the banks from erosion.

Similar benefits can be seen with terrestrial native plants in your own backyard. Planting native creates a sanctuary for pollinators, and provides food and shelter for a variety of wildlife. It also conserves water, cuts down on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and even sequesters carbon. Native plants are often healthier and more successful than ornamentals, since they have coevolved with the land and local fauna over millennia.

Growing native plants also encourages a unique pride of place; it connects us more deeply to the natural world and all of its inhabitants (including ourselves).

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Alongside freshwater ecology, we also try to emphasize the importance and immense benefits of native gardening.
Photo: Certified Master Naturalist, Rachel O., working on her native garden.

Meet the Pond Informer Team

Chris G.

Founder, Writer & Senior Editor

Pond Consultant, Bachelor of Science (BS) Natural Sciences

I’ve been a pond consultant for over a decade, but ponds still amaze and surprise me on a daily basis. I created this website to try to bring pond keeping information into the 21st Century, as I noticed that even simple questions were going unanswered and misinformation was still everywhere within the hobby – both online and off. Here at Pond Informer, I focus my efforts on content based around the backyard pond and koi hobby, as that is where my experience is best served.

Angeline L.

Senior Ecology Writer & Researcher

Master of Science (MS), Marine Biology, Bachelor of Science (BS), Biology

I’m a passionate researcher and scuba diver with a keen interest in garden plants, marine life, and freshwater ecology. I think there’s nothing better than a day spent writing in nature. I have an academic and professional background in sustainable aquaculture, so I advocate for the responsible production of commercial fish, macroinvertebrates, and aquatic plants. Here at Pond Informer, I create content about everything freshwater, wildlife and plants.

Rebecca H.

Senior Ecology Writer & Researcher

Bachelor of Science (BS), Natural Resources Management, Wildlife Ecology, Biology, GIS

Ambitiously passionate about conservation, eco-sustainability, and having new experiences and adventures! I work as a Herpetological Technician, collecting and analyzing data about endangered reptile species. I’m also skilled with the proper identification of native and invasive flora and fauna, as well as habitat assessment/restoration of a variety of ecosystem types. On Pond Informer, I focus my efforts on in-depth content related to wildlife, ecology, and conservation.

Rachel O.

Native Plant Writer & Researcher

Certified Master Naturalist

I am passionate about conservation, ecology, and gardening for wildlife. I am a certified Missouri Master Naturalist with knowledge of birds, insects, and herptiles– I volunteer doing horticulture and restoration work for several local organizations. For Pond Informer, I focus on in-depth, deeply researched native plant guides for various localities covering wildflowers, shrubs, grasses and trees.

Charlotte P.

Wildlife Writer & Researcher

Master of Science (MSc), Clinical Animal Behaviour, Bachelor of Science (BS), Zoology

I’m passionate about wildlife and ecology and hold a degree in Zoology and a masters in Clinical Animal Behaviour. I’m fascinated by the ways animals adapt to their environments and cope with challenges. I am scientifically minded and dedicate much of my time to reading and research into my subject areas. For the website, I focus on in-depth wildlife related content about amphibians, birds, mammals, and fish.

Ane Liv B.

Ecology Writer & Researcher

PhD molecular ecology, Master of Science (MS), Life sciences, Bachelor of Science (BS), Life sciences

By day I pursue a PhD in molecular ecology investigating Antarctic fur seal, but I am always keen on sharing my knowledge of all things aquatic. I have years of experience as a scientific educator, conveying complex topics in an accessible fashion. I also have practical experience from an aquarium in addition to lab and field work. Here at Pond Informer, I focus on freshwater ecology topics.

Keyla P.

Ecology Writer & Researcher

Bachelor of Science (BS), Natural Resources

I have a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources focusing on Wildlife Ecology and a minor in Entomology. I am also an award-winning student researcher with five years of experience with wildlife-related research. Here at Pond Informer, I enjoy writing about wildlife, biology, entomology, herpetology, ichthyology, gardening, bird watching, reptile husbandry, plant/insect identification and biodiversity, invasive species ecology, and wildlife management.

Alexandra S.

Wildlife Writer & Researcher

Bachelor of Science (BS), Marine Vertebrate Biology

I am a marine biologist that is in the animal care field. I have spent a lot of my time performing research in the fields of cell biology and marine ecology, so I have a plethora of knowledge involving the life sciences. I am interested in research, media, and organizations related to wildlife conservation and animal care. At Pond Informer, I have contributed a range of wildlife content related to fish and freshwater ecology.

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