List of Pond Supply Stores in Idaho 2022 [Updated]

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List of Pond Supply Stores in Idaho

Koi pond with lily pads
There are several pond supply stores for you to choose from in Idaho, meeting all your pond-owning needs! Satoshi TAKEU / CC BY-ND 2.0

Ponds are often overlooked but they are actually quite interesting and neat bodies of water. They serve several purposes: aesthetic reasons (like a backyard pond or a water garden), water treatments, habitat restoration, and fish breeding sites, plus they can also be used as an effective way to capture thermal energy!

Whatever your reason is for building or maintaining a pond, there are always new things to learn. Some of the best places to buy pond supplies are also the best places to find resources and educational materials. When you’re shopping for aquatic plants, pumps, or even fish, don’t forget to check out the pamphlets and fliers that many retail stores keep stocked.

Idaho has several pond supply stores to choose from. From home-based businesses to chain stores, you can find everything you need in your home state. The stores listed below can help you take the first step to designing your pond or provide you with the tools you need to maintain a pre-existing pond.

1) Boise River Koi & Pond Supply

Boise River Koi & Pond Supply has limited information on their website, so they encourage customers to call; however, they sell all the supplies you need to keep a koi pond healthy, they have a large selection of pond plants, and they are home to Treasure Valley’s best selection of koi and goldfish! They also offer cleaning and repair services to customers in the area.

2) TwoHart LLC

TwoHart LLC is a backyard-based business that specializes in high-end koi pond equipment. They are the only authorized dealer for Evolution Aqua products in Idaho. They are working on expanding into an online store, but for now, they are only open to scheduled appointments. They can help customers choose the best equipment for their needs and they “will not push the equipment we sell if it is not the best for what you want to do”. As they are based out of a home, they are able to meet with customers at times that best fit their schedule.

3) Bob’s Pet and Pond

Bob’s Pet and Pond has the largest amount of pond supplies in the valley. Founded in 1961 by Bob Carpenter, the business began with him selling tropical fish from his parents’ house in Lewiston. The staff at this store has the expertise to help you build your first pond, no matter the size. They are a one-stop shop for all your pond and pet supply needs!

4) SiteOne Landscape Supply

SiteOne is a landscaping supply store with over 500 stores across the country. In fact, SiteOne is the nation’s largest supplier of wholesale goods for green industry professionals in the United States and Canada; however, they pride themselves in staffing local stores with local experts, so you get that locally-owned feeling with unmatched inventory! They have everything a pond or garden owner could need including irrigation, lighting, nursery plants, pest control, aerators, and more.

5) Pipeco Irrigation Supply

Pipeco Irrigation Supply was established in 1978 in Twin Falls, Idaho. They expanded as the irrigation industry grew and they now have locations in Nampa, Boise, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Ketchum, and Fruitland. Their goal is to provide local expertise to residents on all things outdoor living. While their focus is on irrigation systems, they have a huge line of pond products. They sell pumps, filters, liners, water treatments, lighting, and more. Since they have so many branch locations, customers are able to shop with them across the state.

6) Evergreen Sprinkler Supply

Evergreen Sprinkler Supply, also known as Boise’s Oldest Sprinkler Company is a third-generation, family-owned and -operated business. They are one of the premier wholesale suppliers to contractors in Treasure Valley and they have a very large inventory. With a variety of vendors, Evergreen has anything and everything you need for your pond endeavors. They only use the best possible products from their vendors to provide exemplary service to their customers.

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