List of Pond Supply Stores in Hawaii 2023 [Updated]

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List of Pond Supply Stores in Hawaii

Koi pond
Not only is Hawaii a great place for ocean views, but it’s also a wonderful place to have a backyard pond! Fuzzy Gerdes / CC BY 2.0

There are thousands of different types of backyard ponds available nowadays – whether you are looking for a scenic outdoor feature or a distinctive indoor pond, you can design and sustain a water feature unique to you. While Hawaii is the top choice for ocean views and paradise daydreams, it is also a wonderful place to have a backyard pond – whether it be fresh or saltwater! From peaceful, lazy koi fish to a wildlife hotspot, ponds offer a blissful environment for anyone.

The stores listed below are perfect for experienced pond owners and beginners. From fish and plants to pumps and liners, you can find all you need to turn your backyard into a must-see attraction!

1) The Aquaponics Place LLC

The Aquaponics Place is a one-stop-shop for aquaponics and pond needs. They offer pre-made aquaponics kits as well as customized kits. The store works with both homeowners and commercial clients. Their store stocks a wide variety of aquatic needs and they are an official distributor of Tuff Stuff and Danner Manufacturing products. The mission is to raise awareness of aquaponics as part of a self-sustainable future, but they also sell gardening supplies, hydroponics, koi pond needs, and aquaculture products.

2) Ohana Greenhouse and Garden Supply

Ohana Greenhouse is owned by Dan Lankford and is the largest specialty garden supplier in the state of Hawaii. The store stocks everything a person could need – from hobby gardener supplies to commercial grower equipment. They sell horticultural lighting, organic nutrients, water filtration products, educational materials, and more. They also sell remedies for all of the common, and sometimes not-so-common problems that gardeners experience while growing plants in Hawaii. They are the number one store for gardening/aquatic needs.

3) Tropical Fish Gardens

Tropical Fish Gardens was founded in late 2014 and has become a booming business since then. The store specializes in freshwater tropical fish, goldfish, koi, aquarium plants, and pond plants from around the world. They do not sell many pond products like filters and liners, but this is the place to go for the biological aspect of a backyard pond!

4) Garden Ponds Nursery

Garden Ponds Nursery is a full-service pond, water container, and garden accessories nursery. They have the foundational needs for the up-and-coming pond hobbyist! Your list of basic products can be found at this nursery. They encourage customers to call or stop in to learn more about their product line.

5) Waiahole Nursery & Garden Center

Waiahole Nursery offers full solutions to backyard hydroponics and aquaponics hobbyists. They sell kits for both aquaponic and hydroponic systems as well as the required parts, hardware, nutrients, supplements, pH and TDS control items, and so much more. This store is the best place to find high-end, heavy-duty products that will last. While they specialize in aquaponics and hydroponics, many of their products can be used in a backyard pond as well!

6) Big Island Hydrogarden

Big Island Hydrogarden is a locally-owned grow store. The store stocks all things gardening and aquatics – from pumps to liners to filters, Big Island has all a pond owner’s needs. They encourage customers to call or drop in to see about specific products. They are partnered with some of the biggest suppliers for gardening needs so their inventory is pretty big. They also carry a line of organic products for those of you who are green-minded!

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