List of Pond Supply Stores in Delaware 2023 [Updated]

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List of Pond Supply Stores in Delaware

Koi pond
Having a pond in your backyard is a great way to add a sense of calm & relaxation. Robert Lyle Bolton / CC BY 2.0

You can find many beautiful ponds and lakes in the state of Delaware. The largest pond in the state is Lums Pond, named after a father and son duo and made in the early 19th century. The pond supplied water to fill the locks of the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal and also provided water power for a local gristmill.

While this pond is larger than your typical backyard pond (covering 200 acres), it is a serene location which you can certainly draw inspiration from. You can bring a taste of this serene relaxation into your backyard by cultivating an aquatic garden for yourself! Delaware does not have a large selection of pond supply stores, but the stores it does have are sure to meet your every need.

1) Lord’s Landscaping

Lord’s Landscaping is a family-owned business and, as mentioned in their name, is mainly a landscaping service; however, they have a wonderful garden center that covers five acres and is open year-round. Their inventory includes mulches, plants, statues, garden decor, and aquatic garden supplies. They sell plants that will thrive in Delaware’s unique environment (including natives) and their staff has the knowledge to help customers cultivate a beautiful landscape and pond in coastal Delaware.

2) Aquarius Supply

  • Phone number: (302) 328-3326
  • Location: 314 West Basin Rd, New Castle, DE 19720
  • Services offered: Contract, retail

Aquarius Supply is a PRO contractor and DIY retail store in one. The store has served customers throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Delmarva regions for 50 years. They offer competitive prices and have an extensive inventory. While they do not have a website, they encourage customers to call or stop in for any questions!

3) Richardson’s Aquatic Center (RAC)

Richardson’s Aquatic Center is located in Richardson’s Floral Center. Again, this business does not have a website, but they do have a Facebook page and phone number where you can contact them. They sell aquatic plants and pond supplies, and they are open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. every day of the week!

4) SiteOne Landscape Supply

SiteOne is a landscaping supply store with over 500 stores across the country. In fact, SiteOne is the nation’s largest supplier of wholesale goods for green industry professionals in the United States and Canada; however, they pride themselves in staffing local stores with local experts, so you get that locally-owned feeling with unmatched inventory! They have everything a pond/garden owner could need including irrigation, lighting, nursery plants, pest control, aerators, and more.

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