List of Pond Supply Stores in California 2023 [Updated]

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List of Pond Supply Stores in California

Garden pond with water lilies
California experiences a huge range of temperatures, meaning that spring & fall pond care routines need to be modified in the “Golden State”! Andres Alvarado / CC BY-SA 2.0

California is home to beautiful beaches, mountains, and deserts. Quite a unique landscape – which is why it is vital for pond owners to understand what their pond needs. Waterscapes in California experience a huge range of temperatures from grueling heat (128 degrees Fahrenheit in Coachella Valley) to well below freezing (Big Bear and Arrowhead areas).

There is a multitude of spring and fall pond care routines that have to be modified for Californian ponds. The world’s largest pond supply store recommends a once-a-year pond cleaning, but California ponds need more than that. So with that in mind, it is important to know which pond advice to follow, what plants to have, what fish to have, and especially what equipment to have. The stores listed below are staffed with well-experienced people who can offer the advice and the equipment you need to guarantee a beautiful pond all year long!

1) Connie’s Pond and Koi

Connie’s Pond and Koi is a family business that has been operating for over 40 years. They are an AquaScape, Helix, and PondBuilder distributor so they have a wide assortment of filters, pumps, skimmers, and anything else a pond owner may need. If you cannot find what you need in-store, they place special orders for fish and equipment.

They also carry algicides and fish medicine. Their staff can offer expert assistance for new and experienced pond owners and they will match internet prices as well!

2) Mr. Fish Aquarium & Pond Services

  • Website:
  • Location: 622 N La Brea Ave, Inglewood, CA 90302
  • Services offered: Design, construction, maintenance, consultation, retail

Mr. Fish was established in 1976 and has been an active company all over southern California. They have a fully stocked pond and aquarium store that offers equipment and fish alike. With over 40 years of experience in installing and maintaining ponds, they are proud to only carry products that they endorse. They are available for walk-in and wholesale customers.

Mr. Fish also provides assistance in case of a water feature emergency or routine maintenance. They also provide consultations for those who need some extra help!

3) Sunland Water Gardens

Sunland Water Gardens is a family business and is the largest pond supply store in Los Angeles County. They promise a fast turnaround for special orders. Their store offers thousands of aquatic plant options which allow customers to have a truly personalized pond! The staff has over 40 years of dedicated experience and their store carries pond liners, pumps, chemicals, UV units, water clarifiers, and more.

4) Pro Ponds West

Pro Ponds West is a one-stop-shop for pond and water feature supplies. They carry everything from pond pumps to pond rocks. They encourage customers to reach out to them for additional information about their staff and store.

5) Koi Outlet

While Koi Outlet does not offer a lot of information on their website, they do promise customers the lowest price possible for their pond supplies. They encourage customers to reach out to them via a contact form on their website or stop by the store!

6) Laguna Koi Ponds

  • Website:
  • Location: 20452 Laguna Canyon Rd, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  • Services offered: Installation, maintenance, restoration, retail

Laguna Koi Ponds was established in 1989 by Ben Plonski and Jay Thayer. Plonski has an extensive background in biology and over 35 years of practical knowledge in fish-keeping. The company offers installation, maintenance, and repairs for pond owners. Their store has a wide variety of pond supplies including but not limited to pond filters, fish, liners, lighting, and pumps. They also offer aquaponics services!

7) Complete Ponds

Complete Ponds is an extensive retailer and education outlet for pond owners and pond “ponderers” (pardon the pun) alike. In fact, Complete Ponds is unique in that they offer classes throughout the spring and summer to help customers figure out how to build and design their own water feature! Their store carries a complete line of energy-efficient pumps, liners, filters, UV lights, water treatments, and much more. They cater to the greater Sacramento area and have been the premier retail pond store since they opened in 2002.

8) Creative Water Gardens

Creative Water Gardens is a pond supply store in Escalon. They offer construction services as well as an extensive pond supply line. They also have a plant nursery where you can find aquatic plants perfect for your backyard pond!

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