Goldfish Gift Ideas Guide 2020 (Top Picks for Goldfish Lovers)

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10 Fish-tastic Gifts for Goldfish Lovers (Updated list)

If you know that someone that loves goldfish, why not make their next gift or present extra golden? We’ve scoured the vast seas of the internet for some of the best and most unique goldfish gifts for fish and pond lovers. All gifts would be perfect for xmas, birthdays, or pretty much every occasion in-between. Stick them in a stocking, put them on a shelf, or wear them with pride as you show off that goldfish obsession to the world!

Goldfish Gifts Guide:

Pond Informer t-shirts are a great gift for goldfish lovers

1) Goldfish T-shirts

A great gift idea that helps display your goldfish obsession for all the world to see! What better way to separate yourself, or someone you love, from everyone else than by declaring yourself a proud fish person. Visit our official store for limited edition clothing, designed by pond lovers for pond lovers! Goldfish t-shirts, hoodies, vests, sweatshirts and even mugs available and ready for fast shipping!


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2) Hand Crafted Goldfish Cup Set

This handcrafted goldfish cup would make a unique and beautiful gift for a goldfish enthusiastA beautiful hand crafted goldfish tea set made from porcelain enamel featuring cup, saucer, and spoon. A lovely gift idea for any goldfish lover which would look great as kitchen décor. The cup holds a generous amount of water (180ml), and features an elegant goldfish swimming along the side and one attached to both the saucer and handle. The detail is impressive and the colors are vibrant, which you’d expect from a hand made item set. It also comes in a high quality gift box, showcasing traditional Chinese artwork and design inspiration.

Although it could be used for regularly morning coffees, we feel it would be better suited as a ornament, as it’s just too pretty to use!


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3) Japanese Munyumamu XL goldfish Plush

Goldfish plushy toys are a favorite of children and adults alikeFor goldfish loving kids or as a fantastically creative home décor plush, this huge XL red goldfish is sure to impress! Made from non-toxic plush fabric and filled with soft polyester, it’s suitable for all ages. It measures in at a whooping 42-25cm in length, so you won’t miss it when you see it. For fancy gold fish folk, the creators also have a black popeyed (telescope) goldfish plush which is equally as cute!

The plush are created and imported from Japan, so it may take some time for them to arrive, but the quality is superb and you’re unlikely to find this size and quality of Goldfish plush anywhere else.


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4) Tervis Goldfish Water Bottle

tervis goldfish water bottle for goldfish loversIt’s not just goldfish that need plenty of water, we humans do, too – so let’s drink up together!

This handy goldfish themed water bottle from Tervis features painted goldfish and is designed to retain both cold and hot water temperature. The bottle is co-polyester BPA and Melamine free, so there should no worries about quality or long-term safety. It is microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe and comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty for peace of mind. A convenient gift for the gym, work, school, or just as a fancy accessory for any goldfish lover. Made 100% in the USA.

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5) Goldfish Charm Necklace

gifts for goldfish lover goldfish necklaceAn incredibly cute goldfish necklace charm from Manzhen, which would make a great birthday gift or Christmas stocking filler. The little goldie measures 1.5cm long and comes positioned in an adorable sliver bowl, making this charm a lovely addition to any girls collection. The sterling silver chain is 45 cm long, and comes with an adjustable clip to re-size accordingly. The necklace is nicely detailed and also comes inside a cute box ready to be wrapped. A lovely goldfish themed gift choice for a charm collector or goldfish lover!


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6) Swarovski Miniature Goldfish

swarovski crystal goldfish giftA beautifully crafted miniature Goldfish collectable from Swarovski’s “Beauties of the Lake” series introduced in 1996. Although now retired from production in 2000, there are still plenty in circulation, but the number is gradually decreasing making them even more desirable! The goldfish has a clear faceted body, crystal fins and tail, and very shiny green eyes that effectively catch the light. It’s quite small, at only 44mm ( 1 ¾”) long, but that just makes it even more precious.

If you know a goldfish lover with an eye for all things sparkly, you can’t go wrong with this as a rare gift- assuming you can get your hands on one!


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7) Personalized Goldfish Tea Bags Set

goldfish lover gift personalized goldfish teabagsNeed a more personalized gift for you goldfish obsessed friend or family member? Do they also love a good cup of English tea? If so, put the kettle on and grab one of these personalized hand-crafted goldfish shaped tea bags! Created in the UK by hand, these fabulous little tea bags are designed to mimic a goldfish floating in your tea cup. They first appear white with no color, but the material quickly absorbs the natural tea colors which transforms the bag into a true goldfish! You’ll get 4 goldfish teabags which come in a lovely gift box with message from the creators. The gift can also be personalized with your own custom message, so it’s perfect for just about anyone who loves a good cuppa!


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8) Goldfish Pond Spitter Statue

classic goldfish pond spitter statue giftA great outdoor gift which fits next to a pond and creates a fountain of water from its mouth! Becketts classic style gold fish spitter statue would work well in both large and small ponds, adding some extra character to the surroundings. The statue comes with a pipe pre-installed and just requires extra hose and pump to work, accepting both 3/8″ and 1/2″ ID tubing.  A small pump, such as a 30-60 GPH pond pump, would be more than enough to power the water feature and provide a good display. We recommend combining with a solar powered pump for great monthly savings!

The statue is very finely detailed, and crafted from heavy resin painted with non-toxic paint to give it a rustic copper aesthetic. It can sit safely next to a pond in all weather and is 100% waterproof. A great gift for any fish lover with a garden pond or as outdoor décor.


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9) Resin Painted 3D Goldfish Coconut-bowl Decor

Goldfish gift bowl made from coconutA little something different which would look great as a unique housing decoration. This is a hand-painted coconut shell, filled with multiple layers of resin which create a 3D fish and water effect. The result is so realistic it actually looks like two fish swimming in a bowl of water! The design is made over 10 layers of careful resin layers which are painted individually, and this takes several days of work, allowing it to dry before another layer can be placed. The resin is non-toxic and made in Germany, and the bowl is made from half of an actual coconut.

It may take some time to create and ship, but this is a particularly unique goldfish gift which you likely won’t see anywhere else! Would make a stunning desk ornament, paper weight, or décor for a shelf.


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10) Mini Encyclopedia of Goldfish Book

The encyclopedia of goldfish species makes a great giftA gift for the budding goldfish hobbyist or as resource material for the long-time expert, the Mini Encyclopaedia of Goldfish covers just about everything you need to know about the fish! This book covers all important aspects of caring for goldfish, and provides information on the different breeds and how to identity them. Included is a guide on starting out with your first tank and how to maintain a healthy aquarium environment, as well as water quality and testing practices. If you’re interested in breeding goldfish, there is also some good starting information on this area, too.

Overall, a good little book and solid reference point for any goldfish owner, with plenty of detailed pictures and useful information.


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