The Best Garden Pond Spitters 2019 (Our Top Picks)

The Best Garden Pond Spitters Statue Brands 2019 (Our Top Picks)

Pond spitters are one of the best ways to add extra life and vibrancy to a water garden, whilst also providing a range of benefits to pond fish and the eco-system  In this article, we investigate the best pond spitter brands currently on the market, and take a more detailed look at what makes them such a good choice!

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What Are Garden Pond Spitters?

Pond spitters come in a range of materials, styles and designs, but their goal is simple – to “spit” water into a pond.

As the name implies, a garden pond spitter does exactly what it says on the tin – they literally “spit” water into your pond!

Similar to pond fountains, the water coming from a pond spitter statue will need to be attached to a pump, which then drives the flow upwards and back into the pond system; often from the ‘head’ of the statue. Unlike a fountain, which usually has a wider water display, a spitter statue will create a much more distinct column of water, making it a great choice as a centrepiece pond ornament.

Spitter statues come in a range of different designs, styles, and materials, with some resembling ‘spitting’ animals, buildings, humans, and even dragons! Most larger ones are made from stone, such as marble, whereas smaller décor pieces commonly found in garden ponds are usually crafted from non-toxin polyresin or plastic mixes. Wooden spitters are also on the market, but don’t always work in the exact same fashion as classic spitters, but are still a great choice if you want to add some zen to your garden pond design. Wooden models are often crafted from bamboo, as bamboo itself is highly durable and resistant to both weather, decay, and breakage.

As well as looking superb as a miniature water displays, pond spitters also provide benefits to wildlife ponds and fish ponds. The extra movement they create at the surface helps prevent water from stagnating, and the increased flow improves oxygen content, which is essential for healthy fish keeping.

Benefits of Spitter Statues in Fish Ponds:-

1)  Helps Oxygenate Water

The flow from a spitter statue will drive oxygen from the surface water into the pond, which helps increase total dissolved oxygen in the system. This is a very useful benefit for fish, such as koi and goldfish, as they thrive the best in a highly oxygenated environment. However, it will also help with water quality and filtration, as beneficial bacteria also require large amounts of oxygen to break down waste, so the higher the content, the more efficient bacteria will become.

2) Creates Surface Movement & Flow

Another benefit which works alongside oxygenation is the increase in surface agitation a pond spitter creates. Not only does this movement improve oxygen, it also helps prevent surface stagnation, which is a leading cause of algae blooms. Biting insects, such as mosquitoes, also breed in very slow moving water, so the more movement you can create, the less likely they’ll end up breeding in your pond. Finally, water movement helps transfer nutrients across the pond and prevents a build-up in one place, which would eventually lead to extremely smelly water – that odor of rotten eggs!

3) Improves a Water Gardens Aesthetic

And lastly, pond spitters are probably one of the best looking pond decorations available and will greatly add to a water gardens overall design aesthetic! Due to the large range of styles on offer, you could literally find a spitter statue that fits almost any design of garden pond; from natural wildlife, to traditional ‘zen’ oriental.

What Makes the Best Pond Spitters? Some Considerations Before Buying:

1) Materials, Size, & Costs

Pond spitters can be made from a range of materials, with popular choices being stone, marble, resin, and plastics.

Most smaller pond water spitters, including the majority featured in this article, are made from high quality non-toxic polyresin. This material is incredibly versatile and afforable, allowing for a much greater range of unique designs without inflating the purchase cost. Most pond spitters are now designed from polyresin due how much easier it is to work with in comparison to stone and wood. Polyresin is also frost resistant, UV resistant, and very durable to general wear and tear, making it a good long term investment with minimal costs.

Alongside polyresin, larger pond spitters may also be crafted from stone, commonly marble. Although these are less common in garden ponds because of their larger size, you’ll probably remember seeing these larger statues as a centerpiece in some public water gardens and parks. They’re generally much more expensive in comparison to polyresin spitters, and more suitable for large ponds due to their size and weight.

Finally, you can also find some pond spitters and water features crafted from wood, usually in the form of bamboo. Although not as common as polyresin and classic statue spitters, the wooden aesthetic is certainly appealing if you’d like to add some ‘zen’ to your water garden design. Wooden spitters can be both small and large in size, are fairly cheap to purchase, but are not as durable compared to polyresin or stone.

2) Pump Requirements & Fittings Size

Unlike regular statues, pond spitters will require a water pump to create the water display, such as the one pictured from Design Toscano.

Unlike regular statues, pond spitters will require some manual installation to get them working and actually ‘spitting’ water. This process will require a pond pump, which needs to match the spitters flow rate and head height requirements. For larger spitter statues, or for a stronger display, mains electricity pumps are likely the best option, especially if you intend to run the water feature all year. The downside is they will cost money to run monthly, but if you have a particularly small pond spitter, you can also try using a solar powered water pump as a zero-cost alternative. Solar pumps are a good choice if you want maximum monthly savings, but work best in high sunlight areas and won’t be able to power larger water displays. In our experience, a pond pump rated between 300-500 GPH should be more than sufficient to power most water spitters, and you may be lucky and get one free with a spitter kit from some manufactures.

As well as the pump, you’ll need to consider the inlet size and tubing diameter (ID) requirements for optimal flow. Most spitters come with an adaptor thread for multiple ID hose sizes, but this can also be purchased separately for a fairly low price. As standard, most spitters support hose between the 0.5-2″ ID range, but often these items are included with a spitter statue for ease of use.

3) Paint & Coatings

If you’re buying from a reputable brand who designs pond statues specifically for ponds, the statue will most likely only use non-toxic materials and coatings. Even so, if you have fish in your pond, this is something you should still double check with the manufacturer to be on the safe side. In most cases, it’s not the core material that is the problem, but the outer coating used to protect the statue from wear and tear. Depending on the coating used, some can slowly leech off into ponds and cause issues major problems with fish and wildlife. Non-toxic, biodegradable coatings, such as soy resin, are the most desirable, but synthetic coatings are also fine so long as they’re not toxic or prone to leeching.

Also, having an extra outer coating ensures the ornament retains it’s color and vibrancy, especially if it’s hand painted. Durable coats will prevent UV deterioration, weather wear, and help them stay resistant to water, humidity and mold.

4) Length of Warranty

Finally, as with anything you purchase, having a good warranty period in case of damage is always nice for maximum peace of mind. Larger, more expensive spitter statues will likely have a longer warranty period in comparison to smaller models, but most manufacturers offer an average warranty period between 30-90 days – which is reasonable. Most problems with pond spitters tends to be structural damage or faults to the internal plumbing on arrival, which stops the spitter element from actually working.  In both cases, you should be able to spot the issue fairly quickly and return for a replacement well within any given warranty period. High quality spitter statues are designed to be extremely durable, so if yours survives the first few months, it will likely continue working for a long time to come!

Top Pond Spitter Statue Ornament Brands 2019 (Reviews & Comparison)

1) Design Toscano Pond Spitter Statues

Design Toscano is an American-based company which sells a massive range of different garden ornaments, furniture, and equipment. They’re probably our favorite brand for both pond spitters and statues thanks to their huge catalogue of designs, colors, and styles. Design Toscano offers pond spitters for any kind of water garden, with options for pond spitter animals, mystical creatures, buildings, objects, and humans. We like them for their innovative designs, vibrant colors, and very high quality design process – meaning their stuff actually lasts!

Most of the smaller pond spitters, such as the koi pictured, are crafted from high quality polyresin which is both non-toxic and durable. The large majority of designs are hand-painted, and the material is a standard non-toxic resin which means it will be safe for pond use. Almost all pond spitters they offer have been painted by hand, and it really shows in the detail of the color and design.

The spitter statues will require a basic pond pump, but luckily Design Toscano has a water pump kit on offer which includes all necessary fittings and supplies to get the feature up and running. The feature comes with 12mm (1/2″ ID) pipe inserts which would need to be fitted to your flexible hose and pump for the feature to work.

The only downside of some of Design Toscanos’ statues, especially the hand painted ones, is that they tend to fade when in direct sunlight. We recommend a shaded or partially shaded location if you’re going for a hand painted design. Warranty is 60 days as standard for all purchases, which is a nice middle ground for testing statues to ensure they’re in good working order.

  • Material: Polyresin
  • Coating: Non-toxic
  • Fittings: 1/2″ ID
  • Designs: Fish, frogs, animals, creatures, humans, & ornaments
  • Manufactured: USA
  • Warranty 60 Days Limited
  • Water Pump: Recommended Model

2) Aquascape Pond Spitter Statues

Another one of our personal favorite brands for pond statues and spitters is the pond supply company Aquascape. Although they don’t focus primarily on ornaments and décor, such as Design Toscano, they have a huge amount of knowledge within the pond industry, thanks to their consultation services and expertise with a wide range of pond equipment. This means they know exactly what makes a great water feature for ponds; from the ideal tech specs, to the materials, to the actual design.

The company offers a large range of different spitter ornaments, including frogs, fish, humans, and various other animals. Just like Deisgn Toscano, Aquascape make use of high quality non-toxic polyresin, which is both highly durable and UV resistant. Most statues are not hand painted, but instead, finished with an equally high quality brass/rustic finish, which creates a great vintage aesthetic. The lack of hand painting means you get a little less vibrancy, but a bit more durability against general wear and tear.

Probably the best part about Aquascapes spitters is that they include a free water pump with most models, which has been selected specifically for the spitter to ensure optimal water flow. Not many companies provide this add-on, and we appreciate seeing it here as it makes selecting a pump much less a hassle – with both items being included in the same warranty period, too!

In terms of warranties, Aquascape provides an extra long 1 year warranty with all their decorative products, including spitter statues. This long warranty just emphasises their confidence in the durability of their products, but if there are any issues, you can just return for a replacement or full refund with plenty of time to spare.

The water feature connections are a standard 1/2″, but since Aquascape provide all you need to get stated, no extra accessories are required. Just set-up, plug-in, and go!

  • Material: Polyresin
  • Coating: Non-toxic
  • Fittings: 1/2 ID
  • Designs: Fish, frogs, animals, creatures, humans, & ornaments
  • Manufactured: USA
  • Warranty 1 Year Limited
  • Water Pump: N/A (Included with most models)

3) PondKraft Pond Spitter Statues

A much newer brand in comparison with the previous two, but we had to give them a mention for their high quality, and also rather novel, pond spitter designs.  You’ve likely not heard of PondKraft, and we don’t blame you, as they’re a fairly new sub-brand from the much larger distributor Bradshaws, a UK pond company.  Although it’s tough to vouch for new brands, we can certainly vouch for Bradshaws, as they have a long history of quality products and service within the pond industry.

Their new PondKraft brand has been established to fill a gap between quality and low cost products, creating items which try to meet both criteria. They currently only have a small range of pond spitters, but their designs are unique enough to warrant attention. They have a fabulous koi spitter, alongside some rather amusing human statues, such as the one pictured. These pond spitters may not be as elegant as some options, but they’ll certainly be a talking point for friends and guests!

PondKraft’s statues are designed from high quality non-toxic polyresin, just like the others on offer here. There is no paint work, but they’re finished with either a brass or stone coating which makes them resemble the real thing. Unless you try to actually pick them up, you really would think they weigh much more due to the realism of finish.

There is no pump included in these water features, but the price is reasonable and the designs are unique, especially if you’re on the market for something different to the norm. We recommend the same pump series from Design Toscano, which should be compatible with any brand of water feature. Alternatively, any solar pump between 100-300 GPH should do the trick!

  • Material: Polyresin
  • Coating: Non-toxic
  • Fittings: 1/2 ID
  • Designs: Koi carp & humans
  • Manufactured: UK
  • Warranty 60 Days Limited
  • Water Pump: Recommended Model

4) Bamboo Accents Wooden Pond Spitters

Lastly, a very different type of water feature that we feel still qualifies as a pond spitter – although, I guess you could also call it a ‘spiller’, instead – are these bamboo ornaments from company Bamboo Accents. These unique bamboo themed decorations are fascinating to watch, and the larger models (pictured), would be a great way to add some zen to any fish pond or water garden.

Bamboo Accents water features work very similarly to other pond spitters, being connected to a water pump which shoots water down a central point to create a spillway effect. Unlike normal spitters, however, these designs have a much more authentic feel, with both the visuals and sounds being incredibly relaxing and tranquil. The designs have been crafted from organic spilt-resistant bamboo wood, and are coated with non-toxic boron to prevent insect infestations and weather decay. Each model has been hand crafted by bamboo woodworking experts, and the structure is very sturdy when in full operation.

A water pump is required for the feature to work, but luckily, Bamboo Accents include a free pump with every purchase with the ideal flow rating for optimal operation. The pumps are all small submersible models, and range between 50-300 GPH, depending on the size of the feature you purchase.

A downside of these water features is they can be a little fiddly to set up, but all kits come with easy-to-follow instructions to get you stated. Bamboo Accents also offer a great customer support service, so you can always get in touch if you’re in need of further assistance. The models all come with a 1 year warranty for peace of mind, and we highly recommend them for adding some tranquil zen to water gardens or fish ponds.

  • Material: Bamboo Wood
  • Coating: Non-toxic
  • Fittings: 1/2 ID
  • Designs: Bamboo
  • Manufactured: USA
  • Warranty 1 year Limited
  • Water Pump:  N/A (Included with most models)

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